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Addendum, I added Liqiuidity again today and there were no problems. So the solution seems to be sustainable.
Addendum, I added Liqiuidity again today and there were no problems. So the solution seems to be sustainable.
What is still not displayed, however, are the transactions in the DFI-BTC wallet. It still says "No transactions available"
[[V2.3.0-Fehler-Block|This text in german]]
[[V2.3.0-Fehler-Block|This text in german]]

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Here you can find an overview of some bugs, which often occur and possible solution for it.

If the described Troubleshooting does not help, please create a Issue on Github with your problem: https://github.com/DeFiCh/app/issues/new?assignees=&labels=&template=bug_report.md&title=

Insufficient Fund

Insufficient Funds Error

Error Message

Some users are facing the error message Insufficient funds after they made some changes like

  • Swap Coins in the DEX
  • Add or remove Liquidity
  • Sending DFI or token to another address

One example is shown on the right side

getbalance command

Reason for the Error

The main reason for this error is not having enough DFI coins (UTXOs) to pay the Fees of the Blockchain in your wallet.

Unknowing users could mean, that they have enough, because the DFI-wallet in the App shows a high enough amount. But this number is a mixture of coins and tokens. You get Token from the DEX and Liquidity-Mining, but you need Coins to transfer them to an Exchange or pay for fees.

So, the first thing is checking the available coin amount in your wallet. Go to the console and execute the command getbalance


If your wallet shows less than 0.01DFI, then you don't have enough DFI in your wallet to do anything on the DefiChain. The only way to solve this is sending DFI from outside your wallet to one of the included addresses.

Node disconnected

Error Message

Node disconnected Error

The error message Node is disconnected is shown while the wallet is synchronizing. Most of the time the wallet is already synchronized up to ~90%-95% when the error occurd.

Reason for the Error

There are different reasons which can lead to this error. You can distinguish between the following different types:

  1. Wallet synchronized normally up to 80%-99% until the error message is shown: That's the most common type, which is a RAM problem. In this case the wallet needs to much RAM to synchronize.
  2. Wallet does not synchronize and the error message occurd with 0.00% synchronization: Probably a network error


Solution to solve the different reasons for this error message:

  1. There are two different solutions for the first type:
    1. Activate the "ReIndex after saving" option in settings to restart the synchronization and activate the button "Delete peers and blocks" to clean the old block files.
    2. Start the wallet; wait until the wallet is synchronized up to ~90%-95% and shut the wallet down normally (the error message must not occur up to this moment); after that you can restart your wallet (repeat the steps until the wallet is synchronized. You can check the RAM usage of your PC to know the perfect time to shut the wallet down again)
  2. For second problem type you can try the following solutions:
    1. Check your firewall settings
    2. Check your network settings (connect with a private networt instead of a public network)
    3. Check your Antivir program

App stuck when starting

Error Message

Your app might be stuck in an endless loop when you want to launch it. Trying to launch it via the console might display request failed with status code 500. Sometimes, you might also get an unable to start blockchain error upon launching the app.

Unable to start blockchain error message

Reason for the Error

Most likely it is a memory (RAM and/or disk space) issue.


Here are a couple of steps that might help:

  1. Quit the app
  2. Close unneeded open programs
  3. Open a system monitor program (Task Manager, Activity Monitor), keep monitoring your RAM utilization
  4. Make sure you have enough disk space available (more than your RAM size), free up enough so that the app can create a swap file if it runs out of RAM
  5. Disable and enable your network connection, possibly use another one temporarily
  6. Try again

If that does not help, try launching the app with the -reindex parameter from the command line.

Still not working? Here are some more experimental steps:

  1. Create a backup of your wallet.dat file (MacOS: ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/defi/wallets), preferably of the whole defi folder to another drive
  2. Remove all .dat files in the blocks folder (MacOS: ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/defi/blocks). Try again.
  3. Downgrade to the last version that worked for you here. Try again.
  4. Delete all wallet data from the defi folder, start the app again, then quit it. Now the folder structure should have been created again. Copy over wallet.dat from your backup and launch the app again.

Everyting failed so far? Let's start from scratch. You'll need for mnemonic seed for this.

  1. Delete app data (section above), uninstall defi-app entirely.
  2. Reinstall a version you think might work (either an older specific one or the latest)
  3. Launch the app
  4. Recreate the wallet from mnemonic seed.

Good luck!

Please wait until your transaction has been added to the next block before proceeding with a new transaction.

Documentation of an error message and how I solved the problem.

I updated to version 2.3.0 and then defined the password. After that I wanted to exchange DFI which I received as Liqudity Mining Reward into BTC. I received the following error message:

Error: Please wait until your transaction has been added to the next block before proceeding with a new transaction.

This error message makes no sense, because there are no open transactions.

Assumption: The problem is probably caused by the fact that coins are stored on old and new addresses. That is, on addresses that were created before encryption and addresses that were created after encryption. It seems that the app is overwhelmed with taking coins from these different addresses together and using them in one transaction.

Workaround: created a new address and then transferred each coin and also the LM pairs to this new address using a normal transaction. After that, everything went back to the way it was before.

I appreciate feedback and additions to this text.

Another approach:

First of all, I would like to mention that I have not yet defined a password for the app

Unfortunately, just waiting didn't help, had waited 3 days and tried again and again. And also sending a DFI to myself, which has already helped with other problems, didn't help in this case.

And I only wanted to use the above solution, to send all tokens to new addresses, if nothing else works.

For me, the following solution also worked to get the addition of liquidity back to work, which I find a little easier.

Two easy steps.

Remove a small amount of liquidity, for me it was 10 DFI including the equivalent in BTC. It worked straight away without any problems.

Then tried to add liquidity again, which now worked again without any problems. Also the error message "Please wait until your transaction has been added to the next block before proceeding with a new transaction" no longer came up. Before that, every time I tried to add liquidity.

However, I can't say whether this solution will solve the original problem in the long run, as I haven't tried to add Liquitity since then.

Will adjust this tax as soon as I know.

Addendum, I added Liqiuidity again today and there were no problems. So the solution seems to be sustainable.

This text in german