Collected questions for the developers

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This page is a draft. It is only an idea.


It turns out to be difficult to efficiently pass on the knowledge of the DeFiChain developers to the community. Important information is clarified by Julian via YouTube or through general blog posts. However, detailed information about the technical background is not shared on these platforms. Many community members have unanswered questions and do not know how to best get this information to improve their own understanding of the technology. Questions are often asked twice, answered multiple times, and yet appear over and over again.


All technical questions concerning the understanding of the DeFiChain technology are collected here on this page. The wiki is open, so anyone can create a question. Members can also correct the questions of other users to make the question more accurate and precise. Moderators review the page to ensure that no questions are duplicated. Any information that has already been added to the wiki does not need to be asked again.

At a certain interval, the questions are then sent to the developers. Once the developers have answered the questions, they are published by the moderators. Additionally, all information will be added to the existing pages in the wiki. For topics that are not yet recorded in the wiki, the moderators create a new page to make the new information easily accessible.

The wiki also includes a copy of the white paper. The original white paper is no longer correct in all respects. On the wiki, the white paper should be adapted so that all information corresponds to the current circumstances.

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