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The Lightwallet of DeFiChain interacts with the blockchain via Ocean infrastructure. Every user action is saved in a signed transaction and send to Ocean, which then executes it. So, a running ocean infrastructure is mandatory to have access to your funds with the Lightwallet. DeFiChain is a decentralized project and has alternatives to the standard infrastructure here as well.

Attention: Use only ocean infrastructures that you trust.

How to change Ocean infrastructure

If you want to change the ocean infrastructure (e.g. default ocean is down and you want access to your funds), then you can do it in the settings menu.

Provider entry in the settings menu of the Lightwallet

In the provider menu you can enter a new endpoint URL for the ocean infrastructure. The default setting is and can also be restored with the button Reset provider (will be enabled after ocean was changed). You need your passcode to save the changes.

Provider menu to change the ocean infrastructure

Available Ocean infrastructures

  1. The default ocean infrastructure is set up and maintained by the core team. Because of the broad usage they need a lot of servers to handle the requests. There was a CFP (CFP-2205-04) to finance these servers on AWS. You can reach ocean via
  2. A community driven ocean infrastructure was set up by mydefichain and is also financed via a CFP (CFP-2207-18). You can use it with the link
  3. Another ocean infrastructure was set up by Jan and Lukas, who also have an alternative Defiscan Explorer