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Links to independent portals with DeFiChain content.

DeFiChain Dashboard
This community project is now in the second version as a complete standalone Dashboard for DefiChain. The idea is to track public data of the blockchain and community, evaluate it and show the progress of the decentral project. These keys and figures should help the community to get a feeling if all the developments are going in the right direction.
A simple Google Sheets document for tracking your masternodes.See how many blocks your nodes have minted so far, how many rewards are remaining on your collateral addresses and (manually) keep track of your rewards.
DeFiChain UTXO Explorer
DeFiChain Token Explorer
Defichain INCOME
Track your Income from DeFiChain

Autoload from you addresses, masternode support, manual staking from cake, charts, one login and use on all devices

Updated: 22.05.21
DeFiChain Explained
Explained.png ..
DeFi - Portfolio Management
Use DeFi-Portfolio to export, analyse and visualize your transactions, rewards and commissions of your liquidity mining pools or DEX transactions to interact with DeFiChain. The current version of DeFi-Portfolio is released on Github.
DeFiChain Rewardhelper
A simple Website which gives you the possibility to convert the CSV-Files from CAKE, DeFiChain or the DeFiPortfolio-App to a compatible format for Cointracking, Accointing, Cryptotax or Blockpit.

Updated: 25.05.2021
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Dashboard (Google Spreedsheet)
Dashboard trin.png Track your DFI DEX Balances

Manual Input

Track your DFI DEX Balances

Per API Import

Updated: 14.05.21

Track your DFI DEX Balances

Per API Import

Updated: 14.05.21

Track your DFI DEX Balances

Per API Import

Updated: 04.06.21

fix API

fix RewardPCT

DeFiChain Masternode Monitor
See what's going on on your Masternodes without having the DeFiChain Wallet desktop app running.

So, you can check the activities of your masternodes right from your smartphone or any other computer with internet access.

Have a look on the corresponding DeFiChain-Wiki page of the Masternode Monitor.
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Decentralized Finance Exchange
Logo dfx 600x400 Rand.png Die Decentralized Finance Exchange Exchange ist ein DeFiChain Community Projekt, welches im April 2021 gestartet wurde, mit dem Ziel, intuitiv und einfach EUR, CHF und USD in DeFi Assets auf der DeFiChain zu tauschen mit einer Banküberweisung. Nach Eingang des Geldes wird das gekaufte Asset mittels Blockchain Transaktion auf die Kundenadresse transferiert. Kunden kontrollieren ihre Assets nach dem Kauf eigenverantwortlich über ihre Wallet bzw. über ihren Private Key.
Freezer Reward Simulator
FreezerRewardSimulator.jpg Dies ist ein einfacher Simulator, mit dem die Renditen aus dem OnChain Freezer und dem verfügbaren Kapital im Staking verglichen werden. Der Rechner berücksichtigt die Reward Reduction und simuliert, wie sich die Renditen bei zunehmender Anzahl an Masternodes verhält.
Freezer Reward Simulator
How do i buy DFI

Explanation from fastest and easiest way from buying to staking and other purchase opportunities.

Erklärung vom schnellsten und einfachsten Weg vom Kauf bis zum staking und anderen Kaufmöglichkeiten.

DeFiNode - Raspberry Pi 4
With this project you can 3D Print your DeFiNode-Case and run your Node or Wallet locally on a Raspberry Pi 4.
DeFiNode on Github