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DFIPs and CFPs

DFIP = DeFiChain Improvement Proposal - CFP = Community Fund Proposal

DFIPs and CFPs are a part of community's commitment to DeFiChain. Aside from normal development activity from the core developers, there is also activity within the community. This is an important part of decentralization when the community joins the development, not only a centralized team deciding on the development.

Both DFIPs and CFPs are supposed to be discussed first on Reddit to get an overview about the community's sentiment concerning that idea. After that the requester can put the CFP/DFIP on github. Usually once a month the masternodes vote on the CFP/DFIPs and confirm or reject them.


DFIPs are made to improve DeFiChain itself in general with improvements to features, new features or new rules. After a DFIP is approved the developers take care of the implementation.

An example of a DFIP was using futures contracts to solve the premium of tokenized stocks on DeFiChain (read more about DFIP-2203-A), or allowing tokenized Ethereum to be used in a vault (read more about DFIP-2203-B). You can read through all DFIPs on

To avoid not-serious DFIPs there is a fee of 50 DFI to be paid as soon as a DFIP is put online.


CFPs are proposals by community members. Community proposals are used to get funding from DeFiChain's Community Fund, which is created by masternodes' block rewards. Community members can request funding for an idea with which they want to add value to the ecosystem. Many community projects in the DeFiChain ecosystem are partly funded by our community fund. You can read through all CFPs on

To avoid not-serious CFPs there is a fee of 1% of the requested amount of DFI to be paid as soon as a CFP is put online.

Discussions about CFPs

Currently there are discussions within the community how to proceed with for-profit-CFPs. The main question is if they should be funded as the community would take the risk and the requester gets the upside. On the other hand a for-profit project can create indirect value to the DeFiChain-Ecosystem by bringing new users and funds to the chain. There is no final decision or rules-framework yet. You can follow the discussions on reddit.