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German Version

Important: The following content refers to a function for the German speaking community


For the German speaking community there has been a Google calendar implemented since Q3/2022. It is supposed to coordinate the scheduled events and make a quick overview for the members available.

Social Media

In social media you can find the calendar by clicking the following links and

Using the calendar

With the following addres you can integrate the calendar into your calendar-app

This link leads you to the browser-view of the calendar:

Integration in Android-Systems (via Windows-PC)

Integration in iOS-Systems



IPad needs a slightly different handling

Submitting events

Via Twitter-Message (Channel: see above) with the following content:

Your Name to be shown in the calendar
Date, time
Duration in minutes 
Link to event 
Kind of event 


Black DragonKing Mining 
13.10.22, 21:00 
YouTube live