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Insufficient Fund

Insufficient Funds Error

Error Message

Some users are facing the error message Insufficient funds after they made some changes like

  • Swap Coins in the DEX
  • Add or remove Liquidity
  • Sending DFI or token to another address

One example is shown on the right side

getbalance command

Reason for the Error

The main reason for this error is not having enough DFI coins (UTXOs) to pay the Fees of the Blockchain in your wallet.

Unknowing users could mean, that they have enough, because the DFI-wallet in the App shows a high enough amount. But this number is a mixture of coins and tokens. You get Token from the DEX and Liquidity-Mining, but you need Coins to transfer them to an Exchange or pay for fees.

So, the first thing is checking the available coin amount in your wallet. Go to the console and execute the command getbalance


If your wallet shows less than 0.01DFI, then you don't have enough DFI in your wallet to do anything on the DefiChain. The only way to solve this is sending DFI from outside your wallet to one of the included addresses.