How to "rescue" stuck DFI

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Disclaimer: Console should be used in care. We are not responsible if the wrong commands are issued resulting in lost coins!

If you have problems sending your DFI from the Wallet try the following step-by-step instruction

Step 1: Checking DFI-coin vs. DFI-token

Before starting we should check, if a DFI-sending problem is caused by "unwrapped" DFI

DFI-amount showed in the wallet

Your DFI-Wallet is showing an DFI amount. To see, how many coins and tokens you have, you need the following 2 commands:

gettokenbalances {} true true

checking DFI-coins vs. DFI-token

In the above picture you see, most DFI are Token and not Coins. These Tokens cannot be transferred to another address.

HINT : You may need some DFI-coins (see getbalance) to execute commands from Step 4.

Step 2: Find addresses holding DFI-Token

The above shown DFI-amount are hold by one or more addresses. To find out, which one are hold the token, use the following command:

listaccounts {} false false true

You are getting a list of entries, which should look like this:

address with DFI-token

Step 3: Checking all tokens on relevant address

Before changing token to coin, please check the amount and all the other tokens on this address with:

getaccount address_from_command_before

You should get the following result:

List of tokens on the address

Step 4: Converting token to coin

Now, we come to the last, essential step. This will convert an amount of token into coins. Use the command:

accounttoutxos address_from_above {"adress_from_above":"DFI_amount_to_convert@DFI"}


If you execute the command from Step 4, you may get the following error:

Error when changing token to coin

Then you need additional steps:

Step 4.1: Sending DFI-coin to Token-adress

Send a small amount of DFI to this address!

Sending DFI-coin to address with token, result is a Tx-hash

You will get an Tx-Hash as a result.

Step 4.2: Check Confirmation

Please go to to check, if it is confirmed before you proceed.

Confirmations after exection of command

Step 4.3: Converting token to coin

Now, you can run the accounttoutxos command from above again. If it is successful, you will get an Tx-hash, which can be checked in the explorer again (Step 5)

Successful execution of Token-to-Coin conversion

Step 5: Check conversion

Just to be sure, everythin worked, you can run the commands getaccount address and getbalance again.
In the following Picture, you see that the DFI-coin amount is now increased by 2DFI. The token were converted.

New token and coin balance


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