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Hey DeFiChain Community,

have you ever wished you had a central place for all the important information and facts about DeFiChain? A lot of information is distributed on Reddit, Github Telegram and Twitter. But it's not always easy to find all the information you need quickly and in the most up-to-date form. But there is good news. As you may already know, the DeFiChain community has its own wiki at, which can be maintained and expanded as a community project by all of us. The less good news is, our DeFiChain Wiki needs attention and care.

Here we are in demand as a community. Any community member can sign up and help make our DeFiChain Wiki the all-encompassing knowledge and information database. Help and create new articles about the DeFiChain. Updates existing articles or translates them into other languages. Linking pages to bring order and structure to the wiki so that information can be found quickly and easily.

With the adoption of the CFP "CFP-2207-09" by the DeFiChain masternodes, we would like to increase the activity in the wiki and reward all diligent participants in the wiki with some DFI. Thanks a lot, for Support of the DeFiChain masternodes for the trust in this approach.

Help out and update existing content or create new ones. For example

  • Technical Overview about the DeFiChain ecosystem
  • Overview about the corresponding fees the DeFiChain
  • How to Invest in dStocks
  • Different strategy with vaults
  • How to handle Future-Swaps
  • Know-errors and how to handle them
  • Revised the structure and order in the wiki, linked pages, etc.

Be creative and create new websites for the wiki. Collects information that you always wanted to collect centrally. Please pay attention to the quality. Our DeFiChain wiki should not be a dull pool of data, but should provide real added value for us as a community.

How to participat

The whole procedure should not become too complicated. You create the new content or revise the pages. Then you register your contribution with a web link in the wiki, a short description of the change, your wiki nickname and the desired DeFiChain address for the reward to [].

Your contribution to the wiki and the quality will be briefly checked and then the DFI paid out as a reward for your support.

How will the DFI be spent?

Any funds made available upon approval will be distributed to the contributors. The point here is not to collect as many DFIs as possible, but to create really good content for the DeFiChain Wiki. How good a contribution is unfortunately has to be decided subjectively.

  • updating an existing article 5-10 DFI
  • translating an article 10-15 DFI
    • English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Turkish
    • Grouping the languages and linking the web pages if there are several languages
  • creating an new, comprehensive article 20-30 DFI (Every 200 words, 5 DFI)
  • re-organization of the Wiki , chapters and so on 5-30 DFI

Summary and disbursement

Overview of your submissions and payments
Date Weblink Summary Nickname Explanation Payout
17.06.2022 DEX Fee structure - DeFiChain-Wiki New Page: Update of the DEX Fee structure

When you are swapping tokens on DeFiChain a fee is conducted. At the beginning only the part for liquidity providers - commissions - were the fee in each pool. But after successful voting on several DFIPs other fee parts were introduced for specific purposes. This article describes the current DEX fee structure on DeFiChain.

DanielZirkel 500 Words

3 Charts

20 DFI
06.08.2022 Lightwallet change Ocean New Page: Lightwallet change Ocean

The Lightwallet of DeFiChain interacts with the blockchain via Ocean infrastructure. Every user action is saved in a signed transaction and send to Ocean, which then executes it. So, a running ocean infrastructure is mandatory to have access to your funds with the Lightwallet. DeFiChain is a decentralized project and has alternatives to the standard infrastructure here as well.

DanielZirkel 300 Words

2 Charts

10 DFI
06.08.2022 Tradable dAssets on DeFiChain New Page: Tradable dAssets on DeFiChain

Decentralized assets are following the real world asset price. On DeFiChain the tickers just have a "d" as a prefix, but then uses the same ticker as the asset on US exchanges. The following tokens are currently listed on the DEX.

DanielZirkel 400 Words

6 Tables

15 DFI