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This text is a suggestion on how to best use and operate the DeFi App. It is not an official recommendation, but only the subjective opinion of some community members.


It is recommended to work with Apple MacBooks. We get much less error messages from the community from Mac OS users.

Example device:

Work process:

It is recommended to run the DeFi app on at least 2 devices in parallel. (Except when running a MN, then not).

Of course, you should not work on the DeFi App on both devices at the same time. However, the two computers can always be in operation at the same time. If two computers are running in parallel, there is redundancy. If one computer has a problem, it is always possible to continue working on the other computer. It is also possible to run different app versions on the different devices. So it is also possible to install an update on one device while still having access to the wallet on the other device. If the update fails, there is no reason to get nervous, as access is still possible via the second device. This way you can install the update correctly. If the update was installed successfully and the access to the wallet works, the second device can also be updated.

If you only have one computer it is still possible to have a second instance on the app by using a virtual machine. You can use VirtualBox (or a similar software), setup a virtual machine (VM), install an operating system, e.g. Linux and install the app on the VM. Of course you have to restore the wallet on the VM after sync.


It is recommended to define a password and write it down in a safe place. The password should not be too short or too simple. The use of special characters massively increases security.

Wallet Backup:

It is strongly recommended to store the wallet backup (a file with .dat extension) in several safe places. For example, on a memory stick in a safe deposit box. If you feel comfortable with that, you can also store the wallet file at an online service. Depending on who you prefer to trust.

Blockchain Backup:

It is recommended to create a backup of the blockchain data from time to time. You can find the instructions for this here.

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