DeFi Wallet errors

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I have an error message in DeFi Wallet: : --> DeFi Wallet error messages

There is a community suggestion on how best to use the DeFi app. Please read this test first to better understand the topic. Suggestion for using the DeFi app

The DeFi Wallet does not start and I do not get an error message

DeFi Wallet does not start

There are different causes for this problem and different solutions.

  1. Restart the computer and try again
  2. You can try to find out more about the problem: Debug.log
  3. In part, this approach helps: Delete .defi

I cannot find the AppData or Library folder

Here you can find an explanation to show hidden folders like Library or AppData.

Show hidden folders

My backup file was deleted with the update

When installing an update, some folders are overwritten. On Windows these are the following folders:



If the backup was stored in one of these folders before the update, it was most likely deleted during the update.

To avoid such problems, it's best to read our wiki recommendation on how to use the DeFi app safely.

Suggestion for using the DeFi app