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Hey DeFiChain Community,

have you ever wished you had a central place for all the important information and facts about DeFiChain? A lot of information is distributed on Reddit, Github Telegram and Twitter. But it's not always easy to find all the information you need quickly and in the most up-to-date form. But there is good news. As you may already know, the DeFiChain community has its own wiki at, which can be maintained and expanded as a community project by all of us. The less good news is, our DeFiChain Wiki needs attention and care.

Here we are in demand as a community. Any community member can sign up and help make our DeFiChain Wiki the all-encompassing knowledge and information database. Help and create new articles about the DeFiChain. Updates existing articles or translates them into other languages. Linking pages to bring order and structure to the wiki so that information can be found quickly and easily.

With the adoption of the CFP "CFP-2207-09" by the DeFiChain masternodes, we would like to increase the activity in the wiki and reward all diligent participants in the wiki with some DFI. Thanks a lot, for Support of the DeFiChain masternodes for the trust in this approach.

Help out and update existing content or create new ones. For example

  • Technical Overview about the DeFiChain ecosystem
  • Overview about the corresponding fees the DeFiChain
  • How to Invest in dStocks
  • Different strategy with vaults
  • How to handle Future-Swaps
  • Known errors and how to handle them
  • Revised the structure and order in the wiki, linked pages, etc.

Be creative and create new websites for the wiki. Collects information that you always wanted to collect centrally. Please pay attention to the quality. Our DeFiChain wiki should not be a dull pool of data, but should provide real added value for us as a community.

How to participate

The whole procedure should not become too complicated. You create the new content or revise the pages. Then you register your contribution with a web link in the wiki, a short description of the change, your wiki nickname and the desired DeFiChain address for the reward to [].

Your contribution to the wiki and the quality will be briefly checked and then the DFI paid out as a reward for your support.

How will the DFI be spent?

Any funds made available upon approval will be distributed to the contributors. The point here is not to collect as many DFIs as possible, but to create really good content for the DeFiChain Wiki. How good a contribution is unfortunately has to be decided subjectively.

  • updating an existing article 5-10 DFI
  • translating an article 10-15 DFI
    • English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Turkish
    • Grouping the languages and linking the web pages if there are several languages
  • creating an new, comprehensive article 20-30 DFI (Every 200 words, 5 DFI)
  • re-organization of the Wiki , chapters and so on 5-30 DFI

Summary and disbursement

Overview of your submissions and payments
Date Weblink Summary Nickname Explanation Payout
17.06.2022 DEX Fee structure New Page: Update of the DEX Fee structure

When you are swapping tokens on DeFiChain a fee is conducted. At the beginning only the part for liquidity providers - commissions - were the fee in each pool. But after successful voting on several DFIPs other fee parts were introduced for specific purposes. This article describes the current DEX fee structure on DeFiChain.

DanielZirkel 500 Words

3 Charts

20 DFI
06.08.2022 Lightwallet change Ocean New Page: Lightwallet change Ocean

The Lightwallet of DeFiChain interacts with the blockchain via Ocean infrastructure. Every user action is saved in a signed transaction and send to Ocean, which then executes it. So, a running ocean infrastructure is mandatory to have access to your funds with the Lightwallet. DeFiChain is a decentralized project and has alternatives to the standard infrastructure here as well.

DanielZirkel 300 Words

2 Charts

10 DFI
06.08.2022 Tradable dAssets on DeFiChain New Page: Tradable dAssets on DeFiChain

Decentralized assets are following the real world asset price. On DeFiChain the tickers just have a "d" as a prefix, but then uses the same ticker as the asset on US exchanges. The following tokens are currently listed on the DEX.

DanielZirkel 400 Words

6 Tables

15 DFI
17.08.2022 DeFiChain (TR) New Page: DeFiChain (TR)

Description of DeFiChain and its functions in Turkish.

Ferhat 400 Words 10 DFI
17.08.2022 DEX ücreti Translation: The DEX Fee structure

Translation of the DEX Fee structure in Turkish.

Ferhat 500 Words

3 Charts

15 DFI
17.08.2022 LM (TR) New Page: LM (TR)

Desciption of Liquidity Mining on the DeFiChain DEX in Turkish

Ferhat 450 Words

1 Chart

15 DFI
05.09.2022 Merkeziyetsiz Varlıklar New Page: Merkeziyetsiz Varlıklar

Overview of Decentralized Assets, minting, vaults, advantages, risks, etc.  (Turkish)

Ferhat 1500 Words

3 Tables

40(x2) DFI*
05.09.2022 Likidite Madenciliği ve Staking New Page: Likidite Madenciliği ve Staking

Turkish version of "Liquidity Mining versus Staking"

Ferhat 360 Words 8(x2) DFI*
05.09.2022 Masternode (TR) New Page: Masternode (TR)

Turkish version of "Masternodes"

Ferhat 745 Words 18(x2) DFI*
05.09.2022 DEX (TR) New Page: DEX (TR)

Introduction to the DEX (Desktop and mobile app) in Turkish language

Ferhat 480 Words

2 Charts

15(x2) DFI*
05.09.2022 Kalıcı Olmayan Kayıp New Page: Kalıcı Olmayan Kayıp

Impermanent Loss in Turkish language

Ferhat 475 Words 12(x2) DFI*
05.09.2022 Liquidity Mining Update: Liquidity Mining Page

Revamp of the Page for Liquidity Mining

SaschaGLM 300 Words

1 Chart

9(x2) DFI*
06.09.2022 Legit telegram-channels Update: Where can I find answers to my questions in the DFI-Community?

Overview about legit Social Media Channel

SaschaGLM 400 words 10(x2) DFI*
06.09.2022 Liquidity Mining DE Page Translation: Liquidity Mining DE

Translation of the English page on Liquidity Mining into German

SaschaGLM 300 Words

1 Chart

9(x2) DFI*
20.09.2022 Beginners Guide Update: Beginners Guide in German

Complete revision of the Beginner's Guide

SaschaGLM 900 Words

2 Charts

25(x2) DFI*
21.09.2022 Beginners Guide en Translation: Beginners Guide into German SaschaGLM 1000 Words

2 Charts

25(x2) DFI*
21.09.2022 CFP DFIP Update: Part DFIP/CFP

The content of the DFIP/CFP section was revised and transferred to a new page.

SaschaGLM 850 Words 20(x2) DFI*
21.09.2022 DeFiChain Advanced Tutorial New Page: Vaults/Loans

The Vaults/Loans part was updated and updated.

SaschaGLM 400 Words 10(x2) DFI*
21.09.2022 Vaults and Loans (DE) Translation: DFIP/CFP into German SaschaGLM 450 Words 10(x2) DFI*
21.09.2022 CFP DFIP (DE) Translation: Vaults/Loans into German SaschaGLM 1000 Words 25(x2) DFI*
20.09.2022 Nakit Akışı Seçenekleri New Page: Nakit Akışı Seçenekleri

Different Cash Flow Options, translation and edit of kuegi's reddit post

Ferhat 1150 Words

4 Charts

35(x2) DFI*
21.09.2022 Başlangıç Kılavuzu Translation: Başlangıç Kılavuzu, Beginners Guide into Turkish Ferhat 800 Words

2 Charts

20(x2) DFI*
21.09.2022 CFP ve DFIP (TR) Translation: DFIP/CFP into Turkish

Introduction to CFP and DFIP's (Turkish)

Ferhat 400 Words 10(x2) DFI*
21.09.2022 Kasalar ve Krediler Translation: Vaults/Loans into Turkish

Vaults and Loans (Turkish)

Ferhat 1150 Words 25(x2) DFI*
11.11.2022 Lightwallet user guide (DE) Lightwallet user guide

Die meistgenutzte Wallet für die DeFiChain ist die sogenannte ‚light wallet‘. Sie ist als App unter dem Namen „DeFiChain Wallet“ für Mobilgeräte verfügbar. Man findet sie im Google Appstore für Android oder in Apples Appstore für iOs Geräte.

Lemmy 4000 Words

19 Charts

11.11.2022 Testnet (DE) Testnet (DE)

Möchte man gewisse Dinge ausprobieren, wie zum Beispiel neue Features testen oder eigene Bots entwickelt und dabei nicht die hart verdienten echten DFI riskieren möchte, kann man das Testnet verwenden.

Lemmy 300 Words

3 Charts

11.11.2022 Testnet Testnet

If you just want to try out some things, like maybe new features or while developing you own bot, you maybe don’t want to risk your hardly earned ‚real life‘ DFI, the Testnet is the place to be.

Lemmy 300 Words

3 Charts

08.11.2022 Vaults and Loans Vaults and Loans

With the feature of a vault, it gets possible to take loans in a decentral manner. It enables users to create new tokens (“minting”) on the blockchain. The process is comparable to taking a loan from a bank, but without the whole bureaucracy and background checks around that. For calculating the height of loans, you can take, the only thing that matters is the value of the collateral that you have deposited in the vault.

Lemmy 1350 Words 30
07.11.2022 Collateral ratio de Collateral ratio de

Das Besicherungsverhältnis berechnet sich durch die Summe der Werte, die dem Vault als Kollateral bereitgestellt wurden, dividiert durch die Summe der aufgenommenen Kredite.

Lemmy 250 Words 8
07.11.2022 Collateral ratio Collateral ratio

The collateralization ratio (or collateral ratio) is calculated as the total collateral value divided by the total loan amount.

Lemmy 250 Words 8
07.11.2022 DEX de DEX de

DEX und decentral trading

Lemmy 300 Words

3 Charts

07.11.2022 DEX DEX

DEX and decentral trading

Lemmy 300 Words

3 Charts

11.11.2022 Lightwallet user guide Lightwallet user guide

The most common wallet for DeFiChain, the so called light wallet is the app for mobile devices “DeFiChain Wallet“. You find it on the google app store for Android or apples app store for iOs devices.

Lemmy 5000 Words

19 Charts

11.11.2022 Special:Contributions/Lemmy Various Updates to the Wiki Lemmy # 50
22.10.2022 Future Swap de Future Swap de

Nach der Einführung der Stock Tokens wurden diese mit einem Premium gehandelt. Die Preise auf der DEX waren also höher als die Oracle Preise der jeweiligen Aktien. Um dem Premium (aber auch einem möglichen Discount) entgegenzuwirken wurden mit DFIP-2203-A die Future Swaps eingeführt.

Lemmy 420 Words

1 Charts

22.10.2022 Community Kalender DE Community Kalender DE

Für die deutschsprachige Community gibt es seit Q3/2022 einen über google eingerichteten Kalender, der die Koordination der Termine erleichtert und den Mitgliedern einen schnellen Überblick ermöglicht.

SaschaGLM 360 Words 10
22.10.2022 Tradable dAssets on DeFiChain Update: Tradable dAssets on DeFiChain SaschaGLM # 3
22.10.2022 Community Kalender EN Community Calender

For the German speaking community there has been a Google calendar implemented since Q3/2022. It is supposed to coordinate the scheduled events and make a quick overview for the members available.

SaschaGLM 360 Words 10
06.11.2022 White Paper (Español) White Paper (Español)

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre DeFiChain.

Fausto 15800 Words

15 Charts

12.11.2022 Aprende DeFiChain Aprende DeFiChain

DeFiChain es una blockchain o cadena de bloques dedicada a las finanzas nativas y descentralizadas para Bitcoin. A continuación exploraremos lo que significa eso.

Fausto 1200 Words

3 Charts

12.11.2022 ¿En qué se diferencia DeFiChain? ¿En qué se diferencia DeFiChain?

Aunque la gran mayoría de protocolos en el mundo de las finanzas descentralizadas (DeFi) están desarrollados en Ethereum, gracias a los “contratos inteligentes”, el mercado está poniendo a prueba la posibilidad de que la segunda ola de adopción de finanzas descentralizadas pueda ocurrir en el entorno de Bitcoin.

Fausto 1200 Words

5 Charts

01.12.2022 Evolución del dinero hasta Bitcoin Fausto 1400 Words 32
01.12.2022 Diferencias entre UST (Terra) y DUSD (DeFiChain) Fausto 650 Words

1 Image

01.12.2022 Resumen Ejecutivo: White Paper Fausto 750 Words

2 Images

01.12.2022 Finanzas del Futuro Fausto 700 Words 18
01.12.2022 Videos Guía DFX Fausto 1180 Words 25
01.12.2022 Pink Paper (Papel Rosa: Parte 1) Fausto 2700 Words

4 Images

01.12.2022 Ganando Valor en un Mercado Bajista Fausto 700 Words

3 Images

28.12.2022 Guía para Principiantes (Beginners Guide) Fausto 850 Words

3 Images

15(x3) DFI*2
28.12.2022 Introducción DeFiChain (Introducción) Fausto 320 Words 7(x3) DFI*2
29.12.2022 Updatemasternode Updatemasternode

With V3 of the DeFiChain-Node from December 2022 many new features included.

Stonygan 470 Words

2 Images

12(x3) DFI*2
29.12.2022 Updatemasternode de - DeFiChain-Wiki Updatemasternode DE

Mit V3 der DeFiChain-Node vom Dezember 2022 sind viele neue Features rund um deinen Masternode enthalten.

Stonygan 470 Words

2 Images

12(x3) DFI*2
31.12.2022 Vault and loan with CLI | DeFiChainWiki Vault and loan with CLI

Based on the information provided in Vaults and Loans, this guide will describe all steps on how to generate a DFI only vault to mint some dUSD to profit from the negative interest rate.

Sascha M 860 Words 20(x3) DFI*2
30.12.2022 Logros Más Importantes de DeFiChain en el 2022: Una mirada retrospectiva - DeFiChain-Wiki Logros Más Importantes de DeFiChain en el 2022: Una mirada retrospectiva Fausto 1200Words 30(x3) DFI*2
30.12.2022 DusdBurnBot - DeFiChain-Wiki Buy back and Born bot Lemmy 300 Words

1 Image

10(x3) DFI*2
30.12.2022 DusdBurnBot DE - DeFiChain-Wiki Buy back and Born bot Lemmy 280 Words

1 Image

10(x3) DFI*2
31.12.2022 VaultMaxi DE - DeFiChain-Wiki Vault Maxi ist ein Bot, der als community projekt von Kügi und Krysh gebaut wurde. (Twitter: @mkuegi, @Krysh90, @vaultMaxi) Lemmy 1200 Words

1 Image

32(x3) DFI*2
31.12.2022 VaultMaxi - DeFiChain-Wiki Vault Maxi is a bot, created as a community project by Kügi and Krysh. (Twitter: @mkuegi, @Krysh90, @vaultMaxi) Lemmy 1000 Words

1 Image

30(x3) DFI*2